We offer a full compliment of high quality chemicals and accessories for your pool management needs.  Give us a call at 908-234-1166, or email estatepoolservices@gmail.com for pricing and to let us know what you need.  Within our service area, we will deliver your order the same day, at no additional charge.

Some products we offer:

•Diatomaceous Earth
•Chlorine Tablets
•Chlorine Shock
•Alkalinity up (Sodium Bicarbonate)
•PH plus (Soda Ash)
•PH Minus (Muriatic Acid)
•Calcium Carbonate
•Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)
•Stain Removers

Along with great pricing and free delivery, with each order we will perform an on site water test at your request.

Phone: 908-234-1166
Fax: 908-234-0648
P.O. Box 526
Far Hills, New Jersey 07931
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